Teaching Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate; respect all, fear none.

Teaching Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate; respect all, fear none.


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patch and uniforms.

patch purpose

The purpose of a school patch is multi-faceted. It allows us to identify ourselves relative to other schools and organizations. More importantly, it acts as a symbol of the principles and values that our school strives to embody and put into practice. As with all our patches, the school patch should be worn with pride as a reminder of where we come from and what we strive to become.

meaning and symbolism

The Raven

The raven is depicted flying on our patch; signifying our constantly seeking knowledge and betterment. Ravens are effective hunters with admirable traits that we attempt to emulate and realize, such as:
Intelligence and CunningSurvival and AdaptabilityTransformation and OpportunityInsight and Intuition
The raven uses intelligence and invention to solve problems and survive. While it is a hunter, it is not a bird of prey. It harms only out of necessity. It can survive and thrive in a wide range of habitats, remaining open to opportunity and change. The raven's versatility allows it to achieve mastery over its domain, finding nourishment in every situation and using any challenge to evolve and enrich its life. Throughout history, it has been a symbol of transformation and has been said to represent insight and heightened awareness.

The Color Blue

Our raven is blue to represent loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, and confidence.

The Universal Pattern

In our patch, the universal pattern is depicted as the sun behind the raven. It illuminates the way and lights our path; guiding and instructing how we move. It can be seen as rising or setting - representing the different phases of our progression through Kenpo.


uniform patch placement

Placement instructions are from the perspective of the wearer. See the image below for visual reference. Any measurements given in descriptions below are approximate.


Image: Blue raven Kenpo - standardized patch placement

1. "Parker (I. K. K. A.) patch" - Although not directly affiliated under the I. K. K. A., Blue Raven Kenpo practitioners wear this patch in honor of our founder, Sr. Grand Master Ed Parker, in gratitude for creating the American Kenpo System from which we all benefit. It is placed on the right front side of our uniform such that the dividing lines of the circle in the patch are centered over the right breast, or slightly above it. The exact placement may vary with the individual depending on body type and physical build. (For patch meaning and symbolism, refer to Infinite Insights, Volume 1, pg. 35-39)2. Flame patch - should be placed on the right sleeve under the shoulder seam such that it is horizontally centered with the dragon on the Parker patch. Again, placement is approximate and will vary depending on the individual's builds. It should also be aligned vertically with the center of the right shoulder. (For patch meaning, refer to Infinite Insights, Volume 1, pg. 66.)3. Student (Last) name patch - should be placed so that the top of the patch aligns with the top of the Parker patch containing the Tiger and Dragon. As per Mr. Parker's original direction, only instructors will be allowed to have their last names on this patch. All other belts are to use their first name only. NOTE: Students will attach "Mr.," or "Ms.," before calling any instructor by their last name. If there is any type of 'honorary' title (e.g., Sifu, Sensei, etc.), this is preferred.4. Blue Raven school patch - should be placed on the left front side of the uniform. This should be placed so that the top of the patch begins 3/4 inch below the school the student name patch.5. EPAKS rocker patch - displays the style of Kenpo (American Kenpo) that we practice, and should be applied such that it is horizontally in line with the name patch. This should be approximately 1/2 inch below the shoulder seam and centered vertically with the center of the left shoulder.6. Universal Pattern patch - also is to be placed on the left shoulder, centered vertically along the sleeve, and 1/2 inch below the EPAKS rocker patch. This patch has many patterns and should be specifically positioned so that the "heart shape" that can be depicted from the patch is upright. This patch can be used as a visual aid when instructing. 

uniform color

Uniform color in American Kenpo is determined by the rank of the student as follows: White through Green belt - white uniform Brown belt (first) and above - black uniform (Optional for Blue Raven) - Instructors may elect to wear a black uniform or a combination of a white jacket with black uniform pants. Other colors are at the discretion of the Head Instructor.